Who Has the Best Coffee? Top 5 Places to get Coffee!

With hundreds of places to get coffee nowadays, we have a plethora of options. However, who really does have the best coffee? Whether you’re a black coffee kind of person or a venti iced caramel macchiato with extra caramel drizzle add three shots kind of person, we all have one thing in common- we are addicted to this stuff.

If we are paying around $4.00 per cup of joe we deserve the best, in my opinion. So who really does have the best coffee?

I am basing this list mainly off the taste of their regular coffee. Other factors that influence this list are: ambiance, if they have other food options, and if it’s cost friendly.

  1. Starbucks

    starbucks-cup-of-coffee-to-go                                I tried not to make Starbucks number one on this list mainly due to the fact that it is the most common place to get coffee. However, I failed and here it is at the top of the list. I use to order the fancy $6-8 drinks but within the past couple of years have switched over to iced coffee when it’s warm and their regular Pike Place roast when it’s a little chillier. A tall cup of Pike Place will ring in at around $2.50 per cup. It is a little steep for a small cup of coffee; however, the coffee has an incredible flavor and aroma. Additionally, I’ve never had a bad experience at any Starbucks I’ve ever been to. Their food is edible, but way to pricey. Free wifi is always a plus too. Way to go Starbucks!

  2. Peet’s Coffee

    peets311                                  This may be a controversial pick for the second spot but Peet’s has darn good coffee in my opinion. Living in the Midwest for most of my life I’ve only just recently discovered the glory of Peet’s coffee. Every time I land in the San Francisco airport Peet’s is always my first stop. Every time I leave San Francisco, Peet’s is always my last stop. I’m addicted to this stuff. A small will ring in at around $2.00. As for the ambiance, it is a cute little coffee shop. It reminds me a little of Starbucks but with its own flare.

  3. Au Bon Pain

    AU_BON_PAIN_ED_PIC1                                             Au Bon Pain deserves this spot on the list due to the fact that it isn’t on every street corner. They spread themselves out so that when you find one it is a special treat. Their coffee has a nice rich flavor to it. Pair this coffee with a chocolate croissant and you have the breakfast of champions. A small coffee will cost you around $2.00. As for the feel of the store itself, it’s cute. It’s nothing special, just your average cafe feel.

  4. Dunkin’ Donuts

    DD+Hot+Coffee_Horizontal_f4f4941c-3e42-4d8d-b9fe-4ca874d06b22-prv I have had mixed experiences at every Dunkin’ Donuts that I’ve been too. I’ve had good coffee and bad coffee, great donuts and stale donuts. I guess that’s what you can expect from a company whose slogan is “America runs on Dunkin’.” For the record, America does not run on Dunkin’. This is the coffee I get when all I have is pocket change. A small coffee will ring up to about $1.60 making Dunkin’ our cheapest option thus far.

  5. McCafe

    t-mcdonalds-Coffee-Medium.pngIf you are wondering why or even how McDonald’s McCafe made it on this list, just here me out. They have amazing and easily accessible coffee for the price. A small will only cost you $1.00. That is only 4 quarters, people. You cannot beat that price. Sure, the coffee isn’t Starbucks quality and it can be watery sometimes but it is drinkable. I am not ashamed to say that I have also purchased the K-cups and they are also pretty good coffee. As for the ambiance of the restaurant, it is still a McDonald’s. There will 99.9% of the time be a screaming child throwing french fries on the ground or making ketchup art on the table. This coffee is more of a take-to-go drink.

Whether you get coffee at Starbucks or McDonald’s, coffee is coffee and sometimes we all just need that little extra boost it gives us. Comment where your favorite place to get coffee is. As always, if you enjoy this type of post let me know either in the comments section or even by liking this post.

Until next time ~

A journey worth a million words.


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